Post-Mortem DNA Banking Capsule

forensic tissue or blood

Store your loved one’s DNA as a keepsake and for future analysis to document hereditary diseases that run in the family.


Next-Gen Technology

Store DNA samples indefinitely at home without expensive equipment or annual storage fees.

Room Temperature Stable

The DNA Capsule does not require freezing, and can be sent for analysis any time in the future.

CLIA Certified

All tests are performed with utmost care at our specialized CLIA certified laboratory.

Last Chance to Save DNA

DNA the pure essence of who we are, and it is lost forever after cremation or burial. Saving your loved one’s DNA ensures that a part of them stays with you forever.


Reasons to preserve DNA

So much more than a keepsake

Unlike fingerprints, cremation pendants, and other traditional keepsakes, the DNA Capsule not only allows you to preserve the entire unique genetic “blueprint” of your loved one, but also to use the DNA any time in the future for genetic testing.


Uncover pre-existing health conditions

Was your loved one always at risk of developing cancer or heart disease? Find your answers with a post- mortem DNA health test, and learn whether others in the family are also at risk.

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Explore your family’s ancestry

Our family history is ingrained in our DNA. Saving a DNA sample is the only way to make use of all developments in this field. Learn about the history of your family – where your ancestors came from, and who you may be related to.

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Keep doors open for the future

DNA is lost forever after cremation or burial. Saving DNA is the only way to ensure the survival of your loved ones’ genetics. The DNA Capsule allows you to participate in all future discoveries as they become available.


Ask your funeral professional today about the SecuriGene DNA Capsule, or contact our Client Service Team to speak with a DNA Specialist. It is best to collect a sample as soon as possible to maximize the quantity and quality of the DNA in your SecuriGene DNA Capsule.

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At death, the information coded in a person’s DNA begins to degrade. DNA Banking is the best option for families who wish to preserve the genetic legacy of their loved ones and also create opportunities for genetic testing if ever required by future generations to understand the source and nature of diseases within the family.


Key Specifications

CNC Carved Surgical Steel

Each capsule is precision carved from a solid block of 316L surgical-grade stainless steel using CNC machines.

Borosilicate Glass Chamber

Introduced in Germany, borosilicate glass is known for its superior durability, chemical and heat resistance and low thermal expansion coefficient. This is the same material used on the tiles of space shuttles, and on the Triton submarine that explores the deepest depths of the ocean.

Triple Sealed

The SecuriGene DNA Banking Capsule is triple sealed to ensure that no moisture or contaminants reach the DNA sample, providing the most secure long term storage environment.

Built-in Desiccator

Each SecuriGene DNA Banking Capsule has a built-in desiccator which actively regulates the humidity inside the sealed capsule.


Cutting-edge Technologies

5000x More DNA

Our collection kits are designed to collect up to 5000x more DNA than traditional methods such as buccal swabs, to maximize the amount of DNA available for testing in the future.

Highest DNA Purity

Our laboratory extracts and preserves only High Molecular Weight (HMW) DNA with a purity index between 1.7 and 1.9.

Best Preservation Method

Our laboratory uses a state-of-the-art technique known as Anhydrobiosis to rapidly remove moisture from the sample, preserving the DNA in a perfectly desiccated state. The DNA can be rehydrated at any time in the future for genetic testing.

No Freezing Required

Our advanced DNA preservation methods eliminate the need for cryogenic freezing. The DNA sample will last indefinitely, allowing families to pass the DNA capsule along to future generations.

Ready for Future Testing

The SecuriGene DNA capsule contains enough DNA for multiple tests. You can bring the SecuriGene capsule to any DNA laboratory and they will be able to rehydrate the sample for testing. Unused portions can be sent back to us for re-preservation.

Certified Results

Our fully accredited testing laboratory certifies each banked sample for quantity and optimal purity. Each DNA capsule comes with a Certificate of Analysis and a DNA Preservation Report.


Active DNA Protection

Our DNA Banking system actively protects DNA against degradation vs. traditional methods that merely slow down the process.

DNA is Purified

We remove damaging enzymes and contaminants from your sample to ensure the viability of your DNA for any future applications.

Suitable for Multiple Testing, Anytime

On average, each DNA Capsule contains enough DNA to run hundreds of tests. Any remaining DNA can be re-preserved and used again in the future.

Store 500x More DNA

Our DNA kits collect 500x more DNA than buccal swabs.

Store at Home, No Freezing Required

Unlike traditional DNA banking inside a lab, our system allows you to store DNA at room temperature in the safety and convenience of your own home.

How it works

Collect your sample

Have your funeral service provider collect a DNA sample using the supplies provided inside the kit.

Mail sample to the lab

Mail the sample to our lab using our prepaid FedEx Overnight shipping package.

Receive your DNA capsule

At the lab, DNA is extracted, purified, preserved and returned to your family inside the SecuriGene DNA Capsule.


Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about this test.

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At death, the information coded in a person’s DNA begins to degrade. DNA Banking is the best option for families who wish to preserve the genetic legacy of their loved ones and also create opportunities for genetic testing if ever required by future generations to understand the source and nature of diseases within the family.

Yes! If the body has been embalmed, please ensure the collection facility follows the instructions included in our Post-Mortem DNA Collection Kit. If you have specific questions please give us a call at 1-877-714-6359 to speak with a specialist.

Yes! By default, every Capsule is engraved with the Kit ID number on the bottom. We also have the following personalized engraving options available:

Name and Date Engraving ($29/capsule)

Includes the decedent’s name, year of birth and year of death:
securigene dna capsule custom engraving
Custom Engraving ($49/capsule)

Allows for 20 characters per line, up to a maximum of 5 lines:
Securigene post mortem DNA capsule custom engraving

We work with over 3,200 Funeral Homes across North America, and recommend first inquiring with your Funeral Director to see if they have our collection kits on hand. If not, we can ship a collection kit directly to your Funeral Home of choice with express shipping, for delivery in 1-2 days. If this is a time-sensitive matter, please call us as soon as possible for last-minute arrangements at 1-877-714-6359 or send us an email at

A large number of serious diseases can be traced to our genetic makeup. Having a clear picture of a family’s genetic history can assist future generations in understanding their health risks and allows them to take preventative measures early to mitigate the devastating effects of disease before it is too late.

14 business days from the date samples are received.

Please note, if extra testing is ordered, turnaround time may vary.

Yes! We can ship internationally, however an international shipping fee will apply. We also cannot guarantee shipping times, as the speed of shipping depends on the mail system of each country. Contact us to get a shipping quotation.

Please give us a call at 1-877-714-6359 or send us an email at

Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time.

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